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I will record a glimpse of EVE echoes

I got desynced once and eve echoes isk when match reconnected it amazes me right next to you, haha. I made it outside but damn that was terrifying. Was almost down to hull.Good fighting with you.So there are a couple things about this:Guardians prevent the outpost from taking damage by soaking it up themselves allowing the timer to continue unmolested. Which means you are able to spider tank an outpost.Our intent of coming to the timer was that the fight and we got that in spades.

And after killing nearly all of their fleet without losing ships (20 boats isnt a lot tbh), you decided to stop and leave the conflict? According to the math you could kill the rest of the ships or destroy the station... So you left because u are nice and didnt want to destroy more ships?Lets be honest the Horde murdered over 20 ships. Dunno if was from ur alliance or maybe not but we all know that is imposible to just lose 20 ships at a battle of this scale.

Our pilots gain nothing from not demonstrating their losses. In reality they shed isk if they don't post. As they wouldn't receive reimbursement for their loss based on alliance SRP. I can send you a private link together with the raw video which reveals us choosing off the left overs after GH jumped out to camp the other side of the gate. The two SHH and GH diplomats achieved to one another and decided to let things end on a high note. Let's not ruin a good fight and altogether superior moment. Superior battles were had on either side. GH Structure remains standing because of good piloting in their guardians.

I dont mean to become something or salty about the fantastic time that we all had, thats not what I attempted to convey, but I agree except for the laggyness along with the match crashing was a nice fight.Still dont forget exactly what I said, could have been out of a different alliance because the location was printed to the públic. I saw some Latin americans for example, Im pleased to see more people from this side of the planet doing huge pvp. I dont mind watching the raw if u wish to send, is a video that I would like as much as I liked the battle.

I understand. Sometimes text can be one of the worst kinds of communication because you can never be certain of someone's tone. I'll get a personal upload tomorrow at some stage and pm it your way to reveal the last portion that reveals us hanging around then leaving. I will also record a glimpse of our losses. I don't have any problems with being transparent.Awesome, I liked the video, especially the audio xd, was a nice job on ur guardians and SFI part aswell. We killed lots of random ppl along with chinesse that rushed in so possibly that same arbitrary ppl got killed by you aswell.Regarding into the fairness maybe u have people on your side which didnt report the ship dropped like is occurring in our side aswell. You understand, pilot pride xd, some people wouldnt mind to lose isk to save face but doesnt decrease the wonderful job on both sides along with cheap eve isk the great fight.

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