Authored by Bella Ortiz

Workplace Bullying

There is a lot of data which show that the nursing workplace is the place where bullying can occur very frequently. Workplace bullying definitely influences physical and emotional well-being of employees, the development of their career, and interpersonal relationships. Workplace bullying is a serious problem, because it has negative effects on the nursing profession. If the person is being bullied, he or she may feel defenseless and may lose their self-esteem. Victims of bullying suffer from depression and anxiety, and they also may feel isolated. There are also other consequences of workplace bullying: psychosomatic symptoms, the fear of losing career opportunities, and the label of a troublemaker. Psychosomatic symptoms include headaches, problems with sleep and eating, nervous tension, and the possibility of the emergence of chronic disease. If I were the victim of physical violence, bullying, or intimidation at work, I would report about this issue, because I think that such issues cannot be ignored in any case. If I were bullied, I would not have the opportunity to do well at my job and deliver excellent services to patients. Such a situation will influence the quality of a health care provided by me. A nurse has her rights, which should be protected; that is why any case of bullying should be reported. There are procedures and policies, which protect nurses from workplace bullying. If you became a victim of bullying, you should document time, date, and site of the incident and witnesses if there were any. There are also federal and state professional organizations such as the Department of Justice and American Nurses Association, which should also protect nurses from bullying at the workplace. If you became a victim of bullying, you can address these organizations.

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